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If your business is taking off recently then you want to do what you can to make it a success and expand. Expanding your business can be a difficult process, but it's all about how you try to expand. One thing you must first do is look at the products you are selling. See if they can translate to another method of sale, if they can then I suggest that a website might be the best next step.

Having a website built can be a costly and lengthy process, its important to know which companies are trustworthy and reliable. One way to find this out is to take a look at some of the websites that you like, scroll to the footer of the page and see who they are designed/developed by. I wouldn't do this on the popular websites as you might find that the price is extortionate. Try and look for little websites that you like the look of, this should keep the budget down a bit. Alternatively you could search for local website developers, having a local company should hopefully give you more trust in the company you are dealing with.

There are great website design companies in Exeter, just have a look, you're bound to find one you will like.