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Designer clothing can be expensive, and it can always be risky purchasing designer clothing online.
One of the main things that you are going to come across is that trying to buy clothing online from specific brands will be tricky, as the majority of people sell counterfeit goods to get rich quick! So how do you find out whether somebody is selling fake oska clothing or any other clothing brands brands? The answer to that is you don't, but there are a few signs to look out for.


The first sign to look out for is the price. If you research the original price of the item that you are buying, you'll find that quite a lot of people sell for below even half the price. What you have to ask yourself is, how can they afford to do that? Either they are bad at business, or they are selling counterfeit goods.


Have a look at the sellers refund policies, you might even see some sellers that will give a 200% refund if their products are not authentic. You can see from this kind of offer that they are fairly certain they are selling the real deal.


If you've already bought your item, you may want to take a look at the tags on the clothing. Have a look to see if any aren't there that should be, and that the wording on the tags is all spelt and worded correctly. As quite a lot of these counterfeits are made in the far east.

So there are just a few tips for preventing yourself buying counterfeit goods online. Happy shopping!