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Have you ever thought about taking yourself to a fitness bootcamp? If you're trying to lose weight or just get into the swing of exercise this might be the right way to go. Exercise and an exercise regime are all tests of your orginisation a willpower. You must be willing to take yourself seriously and keep to your own schedules, if you decide to miss a jog or decide to cancel your cycling your on the first stages of giving up.

If exercise is a bit extreme but you are still interested in physical fitness aswell as mental fitness, a bootcamp UK might not be the right way to go. There are alternatives that could still improve your health as well as give you that kickstart into a healthier lifestyle.

Detox retreats are a step down from the traditional bootcamp in the physical department but can still provide an interesting and great development experience. Detox retreats promote a healthy lifestyle which can improve the body and mind. Detoxing and massage are used to try and encourage weightloss and decrease toxins in the body. After an experience like this you are likely to be happy that you went.